I trained to be a children's nurse but decided to attend General Assembly on their Web Development Immersive course. Given the immense power of technology, I wanted to learn a new skill and understand more about the intricacies of coding. My ultimate goal is to help improve healthcare through technology, but in the shorter term I am looking to build on my knowledge and be a part of a company who is pushing the limits of their field.

When I'm not creating something online, I'll likely be pottering around the kitchen attempting to create something offline, usually food based, although that can be questionable. I am also a big fan of swimming, dogs and Netflix.



Some of my personal and group projects completed whilst at General Assembly.


This is a Ruby on Rails project which allows you to create your own children’s stories and read them from anywhere in the world. I used Devise for handling user authentication as well as CarrierWave for picture uploads. I felt this was a better approach than using stored photos, as users could choose their own personal pictures to bring their story to life. I picked Materialize as the front-end framework.


This was a group project, with four people in total, creating an app that allows you to locate your friends and pick a meeting point. Both parties can get directions and see how far along the friend is on their journey. This project was written in Javascript and jQuery. We chose to use the Google Maps API for its familiar user interface.


This was the result of a 24 hour hackathon created with one other team member. We decided to make a digital version of ‘Pictionary’ using the HTML5 canvas. The app was written using JavaScript and jQuery with some basic styling from Bootstrap. Given more time, we would have focused on the design and layout of the app.


This project was founded as a literal interpretation of 'Spotify Discover'. I created an app where users can pin a song to a location and other users can discover new music by searching for places they like. A playlist will then be created for the user to listen to. The app is written using a MEAN stack, ng-maps as well as Spotify’s API.

Shape App

I was asked to create a webpage for a new educational finance iOS app. The app assumes the user has little to no investment understanding and provides information on how to execute trades, as well as what to look for when choosing stocks. I was asked to create a clean and simple site with the screen shots and demo video provided. I decided to use CSS animations, as well as JavaScript, to achieve a page which flowed from section to section.


Some of the languages and tools I have covered so far:

HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery Ruby on Rails Ruby active record Node Express SQL databases NoSQL databases Angular REStful APIs third party apis tdd git